Travel Apps

There are various apps and lists for tracking your travel and places to go.  Here are a few that I’ve found interesting.  Let me know what your favorites are…

Where I’ve Been – Great for tracking countries and blocking not only countries but states in US, and provinces in Canada & Australia.  Additional details can be shared about your trips.  Compare friends.

Travel Brain – pin and share tips and get travel cred with fun rewards for travel.  Includes Counter for Cities and Countries.

Cities I’ve visited – Pin the cities, countries and places and provide ratings on places in those cities.  Puts pins on a big map which you can publish to your blog or site.

World Friend Map – Maps your Facebook friends on a map!  (Warning the ads are annoying, but the result is worth it.) My Friend Map is an application that visually shows you in relation to all your friends around the world.



The Food List Challenge on #Facebook. How many have you tried?

The World Traveler Challenge on #Facebook. How many have you been to?

The Travel List Challenge on #Facebook. How many have you been to? (100 Places you should go before you die)


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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. | Mark Twain


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