You’ve traveled the world – Can I read your book?

I’m down to the last 5 countries 4 UN countries with only one or two trips left. People keep asking me… When is your book coming out!?? I’ve analyzed what that means. A book. About my Travels. I know people want to read the stories and know what I learned and what inspired me. It is to that end that I will be putting my thoughts into words. I want to inspire others to travel, to explore, to escape the mundane and find the most fantastic adventures… I have found myself and you’ll find in the first chapter that it doesn’t take a trip around the world to find an adventure, but the world is absolutely filled with experiences to stretch your imagination, spark creativity and to ignite hope enough to fill your soul and continue craving more. In fact people say… what will you do after you visit them all? For me the adventures of travel have rarely been about crossing border lines, but instead filling my mind with perspectives, encountering the unexpected, and filling my mind with wonder… This quest for more will never end.

Please come along for the ride! My desire to write a book isn’t about making money, it’s to capture the story and I could use the help of readers to encourage me. So I’ll be blogging my story here starting with the next post… Thanks for joining me and please excuse what will be some rough, raw, writing in the pure chaos of what I call… stream of conscious. I promise to write the entire book here, but I also reserve the right to pull it after it’s completed if I feel so inclined… especially after an editor and publisher get involved. I haven’t decided if I will self publish. Getting it written is my focus now. Merry Christmas you’ve got a book to read… new episodes weekly or hopefully more frequently than that!

Anyone who wants to join us on this journey is welcome.

I’m visiting Timor Leste in November/December. I’ll be diving, facing off with dragons, Komodo dragons, then tracking the critically endangered man of the forest, the Orangutan, and eating, praying, living and eating again, (no loving for me as my wife will be staying at home) in Bali. Not the greatest writer I understand, but hopefully something interesting.

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