Top Destinations

From the Smithsonian 28 Places to see before you die!  Plus a few additional suggestions…

Portals into the Past
Walk the timeless streets and byways of ancient cities on three continents

Mesa Verde – 2014
Pompeii -2009
Tikal -2011
Petra -2008

Megalithic Churches of Ethopia (Carved by Angels) and Malta (Created by Giants!)

Chernobyl – 2014

Underwater ones off the Coast of Japan – On my list!

Feats of Engineering
The world’s surviving architectural wonders hewed from stone and mortar beckon as ever

Pyramids of Giza – 2009,2012
Taj Mahal – 2010
Easter Island – On My List for 2015!
The Great Wall – 2011

A Matter of Timing
Choosing the right year, month or even moment can make all the difference

Aurora Borealis – 2008- On a flight from NY to Seattle, but on my Iceland plans cause I missed it in Alaska
Serengeti – On My list, but I’ve seen so many animal parks in Africa… I’ll circle back. I was hiking Kilimonjaro when the group went.
Iguazu Falls – 2011
Machu Picchu – 2012

I’d add to this list:

  • Fireflies in Malaysia – 2005
  • Sharkdiving in South Africa -2009
  • Monkey temple in Ubud Bali

Omo Valley – Ethiopia – On my list!

Triumphs of Vision
Come face to face with history’s finest works of art and design

The Louvre – 2002
Zen Garden of Kyoto – on my list
Uffizi Gallery – 2008
Fallingwater – Looks interesting, but not yet on my list.

  • Galleries of St Petersburg – 2012
  • British Museum – 2013
  • Cairo Museum – 2011, 2012
  • Canada Toronto Royal Ontario Museum – 2014

Scale New Heights
Don’t just see nature’s most spectacular sites—experience them

Yangtze River – need to plan this one.
Antarctica – 2011
Mount Kilimanjaro – 2012
Grand Canyon -1995

Base camp of Everest or take the “mountain” flight to Everest from Katmandu – 2010

In the Presence of Gods
Encounter temples so magnificent then could only have been built by divine inspiration

Bagan – on my list!
Parthenon – 2012
Angkor Wat – 2007
Ephesus – on my list!

My suggestions:

  • Abu Simbel – 2012
  • Luxor – 2011, 2012
  • Valley of the Kings/Queens/Nobles – 2012
  • St Peters Basillica – 2008

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Visit these deteriorating or threatened destinations before they disappear

Venice – 2004
Amazon Rain Forest – 2013, but I want to see more natives.
Great Barrier Reef – on my list.
Galápagos Islands – 2015?

More ideas:

  • Bioluminscent bay in Puerto Rico off the coast of Vieques – 2013
  • Glow worms in New Zealand – 2011
  • Night watching for Kiwis in New Zealand – 2011
  • Penguin Rookeries in Antactica – 2012
  • Polar Bear viewing in Churchill Canada – on my list

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When someone says… what are you favorite places… I think this captures a few of them.  This is a work in progress…

Tastiest food: Thai, Lebanese, Morroccan, Balinese/Indonesian, Palestinian, Vietnamese, IndianBulgarian, Ethiopian

Best Archeological Cities & Monuments: Angkor WatPetraLuxor, Macchu Picchu, Goreme/Cappadocia Turkey, Pompeii Italy, old Jerusalem, Greek Cliff Monastaries of Meteora,  Medinat Habu Morrocco, Tikal, Rome, Athens, Dubrovnik, Split, Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela Ethiopia

Most beautiful nature and wildlife:  Nepal, Botswana, South Africa, Croatia/Bosnia, Switzerland, Antarctica, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Zambia/Zimbabwe, USA, Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania Kilimanjaro

Most beautiful cities: Rio, Capetown, Sydney, Santiago, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Wellington, Ushuaia, San Francisco

Best nightlife: Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, NYC, Lisbon, Rio, Santiago, Chicago, Bangkok, Mexico City

Best Imperial Cities: St Petersburg, Bangkok, Berlin, Granada Nicaragua

Most Peaceful & Relaxing: Bali, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Chang Mai, Dead Sea, Norway, Finland

Most Interesting Culturally: Marrakech, Jaipur, Jodpur, Katmandu, Beirut, Minsk, Kuala Lumpur, Lithuania, Thailand, Myanmar, Varanasi

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