Countries I’ve Visited

190/195 UN, 250+ TCC, MTP Profile, Nomad Mania Profile

(This is my UN Map as of 11/16/22)

My goal is to visit all of the UN Sovereign Nations by Sep 2023 and still be employed and married.

(This is not a self serving trip. I absolutely need to help people along the way.)

Countries To be Visited

Central African Republic


Timor Leste


The Republic of Congo

While I’ve been focused primarily on the UN I do follow a few other lists:

News Coverage:

Daily Mail, Huffington Post, ABC, FOX, SF Globe

Interviews and Podcasts:

9 thoughts on “Countries I’ve Visited

  1. woah.. awesome.. i saw ur list, i’m from sabah, malaysia.. i had subcribed u.. like to read your experiences..

    1. I’ve been to mainland Malaysia & Singapore & Java, but haven’t made it to Sabah or Sarawak. I’d love to see Borneo the orangutans and the proboscis monkeys.

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  3. I found you in youtube, you have amazing wildlife videos, and i am amazed that you´ve been able to travel that much. Im from Colombia, i would like to know about your experience here.

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