Top 10 Dream Destinations: Antarctica

Today we are in lockdown. Air traffic is way down over 70% of planes are downed. Travel has never been at more of a standstill in the past 100 years. Why would I want to talk about travel? If you’re like me, you never stop thinking about travel.

In this new series as I’m sitting at home I want to pick a few of my favorite destinations to share…

“The Top 10 Dream Destinations: #10 Antarctica” – This is a video podcast series designed to help you travel virtually, but also to help you dream and plan for future trips. Antarctica as a first destination on this list is absolutely one that takes planning, dreaming and lots of research. I started planning 3 years before we went. We stayed at the Russian base through a Chilean program at the Antarctic research center and village called “Villa Las Estrellas” or village of the stars, which is a great name as the star viewing was amazing being at the bottom of the world.

TravelingEpic with Joel365: Webisode #1 – Antarctica “Top 10 Destinations to Dream About”

You can read the Antarctic adventures here on my TravelingEpic blog:

Watch even more of my travel videos on my TravelingEpic YouTube channel. You’ll find that most of them are cute animal encounters, tribal experiences, photo/video safaris, cultural experiences and eating strange things.

My baby penguin playlist. Short clips.

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Love to hear your thoughts! This is my first video webisode and I need to know what you think, so I can make it even better next time! Enjoy!!

The next episode has now been published. Watch Episode 2 at:

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