Wild Papua New Guinea: Top 10 Dream Destinations of Explorers

My friend’s grandfather was a photo journalist with National Geographic and the footage he had of Papua New Guinea tribes was incredible. I knew when I planned my trip there I wanted not just to visit the cities, but to get in deep with a tribe and my friend’s Felix and Saki who I met through facebook allowed me to do just that.

Traveling to Sari tribe near Wabag, in the Enga province in the highlands fulfilled all my expectations. The fact that in Mt Hagen had a sing sing (massive tribal gathering) was the cherry on top. Being able to see so many tribes represented was incredible.

Papua New Guinea is not for the people looking for an inclusive beach resort. Papua New Guinea is for the Adventure Explorer who is looking for an authentic tribal experience that will challenge them and grow them. Tribal warfare is real. We had no less than 4 tribesman with us and we only rode in vehicles they authorized. It’s the top of the list tribal diversity with 851 different languages and massive cultural diversity.

You can read more about my trip below…

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